This year’s piano performance is sponsored by Robert Lowrey Piano Experts, Canada’s premier piano sales, restoration and service facility. For over thirty years, Robert Lowrey’s highly trained piano experts have proudly served the community from its central location in Toronto.

    The Robert Lowrey experience is about honesty, transparency, education, an open, welcoming environment and long-term customer care. Pianos are a major investment that will become an integral part of your family for generations, and you deserve to know everything about buying and caring for a piano: how they are made, the differences between makes of pianos, purchasing and trade-in options, the all-important pre-servicing aspect of purchasing, and Robert Lowrey’s assistance in caring for your purchase over the long life of the piano. Every person at Robert Lowrey is trained to make you feel at home and to help you make the right decision, and to ensure you are well informed in every aspect of piano ownership.

    In many parts of Canada, it’s difficult to see any new pianos at all – at best, you’ll find only a modest selection of entry-level models. When you visit Toronto, it’s an eye-opening experience to visit to Robert Lowrey! You’ll not only see Canada’s largest selection of the world’s very finest pianos, but also have the opportunity to see how pianos are built, maintained and refinished in the amazing piano workshops – just ask for a tour!. You will never see more pianos, carefully selected to be the very best value, from inexpensive, quality uprights to hand-built concert instruments. To quote Peter Oundjian, Music Director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, “if a piano is going to be part of your home, you must visit Robert Lowrey.”

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