Fine Art Auction

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Join us for the 17th annual Varley Fine Art Auction on Wednesday May 13, 2015 at the Varley Art Gallery.  The highlight of the evening will be the Live Auction featuring original Canadian artwork from prestigious art galleries and independent artists.  We also feature a Silent Auction with much coveted treasures generously donated by our supporters. We look forward to welcoming you for another enjoyable evening of bidding battles, exquisite culinary delights and live music. In 2014, through your generosity, we raised $70,000! Funds raised help support the Varley Art Gallery’s exhibition, education programs and art acquisitions.

A big thank you to our volunteers for dedicating their time to making this event successful!

Alison Mo
Amna Syed
Andrea Lau
Ann Boutchko
Ayesha Tyyebi
Carol Chen
Cathy Li
Celina Tong
Charlene Lo
Claudette Larocque
Claudia Nica
Cynthia Lau
Danielle Zafirovski
Doriana Cabeceiras
Edie Yeomans
Edward Tian
Emily Zhu
Ernestine Tahedl
Francesca Dauphinais
George Huff
George Wang
Giovanna Ngai
Grace Fan
Grier Hunt
Jack Yu
Jamie Lee Gleason
Janet Zheng
Jean Stewart
Jessica DaSilva
Joan Jagoe
Johanna Meharg
John Ingram
Judy Livingston
Justin Valasco
Karen Wang
Kathryn Wakely-Clare
Katie Nickalau
Laura Liang
Linda McIntosh
Lynda Leaf
Manizheh Sabet Sarvestani
May Jane Sulamin
Megan Pham
Melissa Manserra
Melissa Tian
Michelle Ye
Paul Keeling
Peter Wales
Ricky Chan
Roslyn Eberhardt
Ryan Doobay
Sally Smith
Sandra Zoratti
Santo Natale
Sarayu Chityala
Shengyue Wu
Tianyi Xu
Vivian Zhu
Winnie Pan
Yanfei (Effie) Huang
Zak Jywa