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Welcome to the Varley-McKay Art Foundation of Markham

Current Volunteer Opportunities
Gallery Attendants
Gallery Attendants supervise the exhibition spaces during operating hours to ensure the safety of the artworks on display. In addition to ensuring security, Gallery Attendants also enhance the public’s experience by welcoming all visitors upon entry to the exhibitions. Attendants also provide basic information about the shows presented at the Varley Art Gallery. To become a Gallery Attendant, please complete an application. General Interest Application Form

Varley-McKay Art Foundation of Markham Board of Directors
We are seeking volunteers from the public for positions on our board. If you would like to serve your community and get involved, please submit your application to the Clerk’s Department at the City of Markham.

The Varley Art Gallery’s Current Exhibition

Important Notification regarding Markham Homes for the Holidays House Tour   

After a thorough analysis of the Markham Homes for the Holidays House Tour, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this event going forward. We thank you for your support of the charities and hope to count on your participation in other fundraising initiatives we are offering in 2015.